Open positions in single-cell tech dev

We are hiring postdoctoral research associates and professional research assistants to support our work in single-cell technology development.

Wed lab recently developed two new single-cell approaches to measure biochemical activities in single cells and to track DNA conjugates through tissues. We now plan to deploy these methods broadly and also develop companion technologies. A Professional Research Assistant will focus on their development and application and will focus on the following projects:

  • Developing of new single-cell biochemical methods to enable CRISPR and small molecule inhibitor screens
  • Integrating single cell biochemistry data with single cell RNA-seq
  • Optimizing molecular tracking devices for studying ligand dissemination in tissue
  • Applying these tools to spatial approaches to understand biochemical acitivites and ligand dissemination in situ.

Candidates will also work closely with the RNA Bioscience Initiative to develop new analysis strategies for single cell biochemistry and molecular tracking data.

Jay Hesselberth, PhD
Associate Professor